From The Great Ideas File-A “Staycation” Doggie Bread and Breakfast Outdoor Kennel



If your dogs run free at home in a big fenced-in yard and they need a safe place down at the farm where the territory is a little more unfamiliar here is a genuinely fun project made from odds and ends and careful planning. A regular doggie Taj Ma Hound, the design is adaptable to endless variations.

In this specific case you have to bless the fork lift operators at the Big Box Lumberyard! Of six panels in a premium upscale kennel one was completely destroyed and three were mildly mangled by careless handling!

Naturally, the manager marked it down to slightly higher than a scrap metal price and the five usable panels became the foundation for a nifty doggie bread and breakfast outdoor kennel. The ultimate scratch and dent bargain!

With an ordinary $50.00 fence panel to replace the broken metal section; some deck lumber; T-111 siding to fill the gaps and bingo! a really attractive and inexpensive kennel came together from odds and ends!

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