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From the wayback machine- window glazing Wilson’s Outdoor Equipment probably 1988? 1987?

Understand window glazing the way I did it involved the complete removal of all loose and aged putty with sharp chisels which were resharpened two or three times during a job. That is what it took to remove up to 100 percent of the weathered putty.

New putty was dressed to Original Manufacturer’s Finish and primed and topcoated with genuine oil base exterior enamel primer and paint.

The need for a separate category of repairman was driven by painters who did not wish to learn the art of chisel work to remove old putty.

I did not paint houses and they did not use woodworking chisels to glaze windows. Nor did they wish to be bothered with the older technology of oil base paint.

Wilson’s is still there and the East side windows are in pretty good shape. The South side windows show more age from sun exposure, but still hold up well and do the job.

Labor intensive, time consuming, and completely replaced by new technology. As it should be. But it was great work while it lasted.


A different example: Completely Restored Fanlight

A different example: Completely Restored Fanlight

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