A Very Special Baby Crib



Long ago and far away as friend of the Bride and Occasional Drinking Buddy of the Groom I learned after year or so of marriage they were pregnant!

Mom, as we now called the Bride, was unhappy with the commercial baby cribs available on the market.  She determined in her baby’s crib little fingers and toes would not be squished by any overlarge space between mattress and railing; balusters would be closely spaced to prevent any other mishaps of the young child variety and the overall design would be almost Shaker Style basic with no dangerous ornamentation or moving parts.

So Dad, as we now called the Groom,  dutifully ran out and purchased some very expensive furniture grade plywood and #1 Clear and Better Yellow Pine 1×4 and a mattress of the quality fit for a newborn and suggested I commence to cutting and sawing everything to size and plan because the baby would arrive in just a few short months.

And so I did.  The railing balusters were individually fitted with dowels and glued together into a solid panel. The mattress was a precision friction fit on all four sides and supported by a 3/4 inch plywood foundation.

Best of all, Dad then carefully hand sanded all surfaces and junctions and put a couple or three or four layers of clearcoat (baby safe) varnish everywhere.

It was one of my few ventures into “real furniture”.  The bouncing baby girl who spent her earliest days in this carpenter built contraption is today a comely young twenty-something lass who lives deep in the heart of Texas.

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