Window Glazing ‘Explainer’


Handlettered by Mr. Louis Sitner formerly of Boylan-Pearce

Handlettered by Mr. Louis Sitner formerly of Boylan-Pearce

From the wayback machine an actual pamphlet  from the day to explain Window Glazing.

What is window glazing?

Window glazing is the flexible putty in place around each pane of glass in your house. (Flexible in relation to the materials involved; most glazing compound feels firm to the touch) It ages gradually as the oils in the compound evaporate.

Putty properly sealed with paint can last indefinitely. Only when the seal is broken does the putty have a chance to dry up and become crusty.

Competent reglazing requires the removal of this aged putty and replacement with fresh putty. “Patch-up” glazing merely allows further moisture damage to the muntins in your window and often does not last as long as the paint work itself.

Explain the process of reglazing.

Over a period of two to three days the loose and weathered putty is removed from around each pane of glass, a linseed oil primer put down, and new putty installed.

The putty must now be allowed to ‘set ‘ for at least four days, after which it must be painted with at least one coat of high quality house paint.

A proper paint job must include a 1/16″ to 1/8″ bead of paint touching the glass that should not be removed.

I am happy to include an estimate to paint your windows as part of the glazing work upon request.

Only after the windows have been painted and the paint allowed to dry should the glass be washed with detergent.

Normal rain will not damage fresh glazing, but window detergents will remove the oils and cause premature aging.

With care and attention your windows will not only look like new, they will be like new.
Three major steps in the glazing process.

  #1       #2       #3       #4

#1 #2 #3 #4


From left to right Sash #1 has been completely stripped of all damaged glazing.  Sash #2  has been packed with glazing compound and awaits  finish tooling with a putty knife.

Sashes #3 and #4 have been dressed to a factory equivalent surface and await  primer and top coat to complete the work.

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