A Tale Of Pottyology (Or How I Learned To Love Plumbing)


Small parts finaglery to connect toilet and valve

Pottyology-of or dealing with the repair and maintenance of potties (toilets) (commodes).

So one day my phone rings and the client informs me he has managed to acquire a genuine European Toilet and transport same back to these United States.

In a time before flexible supply tubes were widely available and unaware the dimensions of American plumbing were completely incompatible with European fixtures he had already sent one plumber foolish enough to accept the challenge screaming madly off into the night

He said, and I quote “I sense some difficulty in the installation”.

Needless to say, I certainly could not resist this invitation to personally witness mayhem “in situ”, so I hopped in the truck and drove out to take a look.

Definitely a tangle with uncertain outcome confronted me. There were two alternatives: either rework the plumbing from the wall so the valve was properly positioned to attach to the toilet or figure some way to connect toilet and faucet with available parts and connections.

The first option would require carpentry for the baseboard and some sheet rock and a water cutoff for the day the work was scheduled.

The second option would require at least a few hours of finaglery with many small parts and no guarantee of success.

We elected to try the second option.

The picture does not do this job justice since I managed to cram an assortment of a least a half a dozen elbows and couplings and brass connections into about a 12 inch length of pipe in true Rube Goldberg fashion.

It was all soldered together and connected the valve to the flush unit perfectly. AND it worked!

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  1. Whoa…this sounds like stories I hear all the time from my plumber boyfriend.

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