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Farmers were the original Handymen.

On the farm if you did not do it yourself, it probably did not get done.

Three times a year the Southeast Old Threshers Reunion demonstrates the wide variety of things farmers did from making brooms to making moonshine with the aid of various newfangled mechanical contraptions.

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The Shed Files

Sheds! Plain sheds, fancy sheds, backyard sheds, carport sheds, poolside sheds, metal sheds, even cinderblock sheds!

Raleigh has always been a hands-on Do-It-Yourself kind of town and over the years I have been fortunate to assist people who wanted to build their own shed, but needed a certain amount of technical assistance and support.

There is no limit to the number and variety of designs my clients have created for themselves. Here are a few from the files.

Fancy Shed

Probably one of the fanciest sheds I’ve built-vinyl siding, full soffit, recycled entry door and multiple windows.

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