The Shed Files

The Shed Files

Sheds! Plain sheds, fancy sheds, backyard sheds, carport sheds, poolside sheds, metal sheds, even cinderblock sheds!

Raleigh has always been a hands-on Do-It-Yourself kind of town and over the years I have been fortunate to assist people who wanted to build their own shed, but needed a certain amount of technical assistance and support.

There is no limit to the number and variety of designs my clients have created for themselves. Here are a few from the files.

Fancy Shed

Probably one of the fanciest sheds I’ve built-vinyl siding, full soffit, recycled entry door and multiple windows.

The Classic Carport Tool Shed

A classic carport toolshed for people who do not want the expense of an enclosed garage.

A frugal homeowner nails the siding on her new shed

One of many frugal homeowners who undertook to work on their project. In this case, the homeowner went from complete novice to a reasonably skilled helper in just a couple of days.

A new roof for the cinderblock shed

This fine cinderblock building needed only an ordinary tin roof to return to full service as a backyard shed.

Lowes Weekender Shed

As with the Treeless Treehouse, Lowes had a “kit” shed- a set of blueprints and a pile of lumber- as part of their weekender series. A fine design that served many people very well for many years.

Basic Poolside Equipment Locker

Homeowner Inspects Sears Metal Shed

Here the homeowner inspects the Sears metal shed which had been delivered by UPS a few days earlier in a big, heavy, flat cardboard box. He was stunned when he reviewed the instructions and diagrams enclosed.

Does UPS even handle this kind of stuff anymore?

A Much Simpler Metal Shed

Just for good measure, another simpler metal shed.

And, of course, if you wish to see one of my most recent shed like objects ripped from today’s headlines visit the Doggie “Staycation” outdoor kennel post.

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