Glenwood South Kamikaze Pigeon Vandalism

Glenwood South Kamikaze Pigeon Vandalism

Glenwood South Kamikaze Pigeon Vandalism

Today for your edification I offer from the incredible-but-true file this tale of kamikaze pigeons and their self sacrificial vandalism to produce a coop for the flock.

By the simple expedient of repeatedly accelerating their fragile, delicate avian bodies to pigeon ramming speed they managed to break through the fortified window of an unoccupied building.

With every impact the window glass weakened just a tiny bit.

While hard to determine how many pigeons died to produce the outcome visible in the pictures, die they did, by the dozens.

In a heavy metal sash window with twelve panes of industrial wire mesh reinforced glass, two panes were completely smashed, one was partially smashed, and a fourth in preliminary preparation to become partially or completely smashed.

As a result of the kamikaze pigeon attack the interior room attached to the window became a pigeon coop for up to fifty pigeons with the floor ankle deep in poop, pigeon carcasses and general muck.

Just another day in the life of your humble servant and all round fixit guy. Feel free to call for just about any problem you might have.

I can’t say I have seen it all, but I have seen a lot!

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