True story.

Somehow I wangled a video camcorder way back in the dark ages of 1994-ish.

I may have actually rented it from some now defunct upstart video rental place.

Without benefit of video playback (primitive beast that it was!) I taped about an hour and a half of glazing video.

From that raw stock I was able to glean this three minute montage of the multiple steps involved in the process of putty replacement for the classic single pane window.

All the footage was made on an actual job with no staged preparation or artificial techniques.

These are real windows on a real house with real putty removed and replaced.

Labor and time intensive, this is the way life was before vinyl replacement windows!

Remember, these windows must still be primed and painted, preferably with an oil based exterior gloss enamel!


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For two other examples of window glazing from around the country CLICK HERE or HERE


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