Assorted Chimney Cap Projects

As a revival Handyman in the 1970’s;80’s and 90’s one of my great treats was to have people ask me to do just about anything.

Naturally, many job requests were referred to specialty trades, but some trades simply did not exist in Raleigh back in the Pleistocene.

One was Chimney Caps.

Job shops would make them, but no one really wanted to climb up and install them.

So, for good customers I filled the gap and ordered and installed specialty chimney caps.

Before the Internet it was not uncommon to go to the library and find some musty book with specifications and details on the care and feeding of chimney caps.

Many of my chimney caps are still in place today quietly doing the work they were designed to do.

Copper chimney caps-in Raleigh-before copper was cool!


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