The Great Lottery Ticket Heist

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Whether ’tis better to fill the world wide web with my share of stories and
pictures of wildly improbable tales from the fields and woods and jobsites of
the city or post news of only the most perfect pristine occasional project,
that is the conundrum of the age!

I have been told I should post to my blog more often. Realistically, there is
not always much about which to post.

I hardly have a hidden fortress in the frozen Arctic North from
which I emerge in Red Cape and Blue Tights to save the world and then write
about my exploits!

What is there to say about changing light bulbs and air filters and doors
that stick because of weather fluctuations or equipment maintenance and my
truck oil change or other mundane tasks?

Or is there really anything important to reveal when a long time client calls
me to help build a batting cage and we discover from a Google search a
batting cage is little more than a variation on a camp tent easily purchased
second hand on EBay and resold when no longer needed?

These activities and tasks are barely worth the trouble to Twitter(Tm) about.

No, the life of a maintenance guy is not necessarily filled with the
excitement of red carpets and good cigars.

But I digress….

Remarkably, this Saturday past was the exception to prove the rule.
I drove the Handymobile to an office complex with a chainsaw and the intent
to clear-cut some overgrown shrubs whose roots were slowly eating a
building foundation.

When I arrived the office campus was swarming with Police.
Crime had reared an ugly Medusian visage in my neck of the woods!

Turns out some brainiacs filled their heads with the idea to break into
the neighborhood convenience store and load up on free cigarettes and
lottery tickets.

So when I arrived Evidence Technicians were dusting the potato chip bag
on the picnic table in the courtyard for fingerprints and engaged in various
crime scene related activities.

Unbeknownst to the Police at the time things did not go as planned for
these smash and grab MENSA candidates -possibly because they committed
their little crime more or less in broad daylight at 8 AM and people were
out and about to notice their activity.

Thus, they were forced to dump their plastic bags filled with loot in the
shrubbery around the buildings and skedaddle as quickly as possible.

As soon as they thought the coast was clear of Police Investigators they returned
and parked and began to surreptitiously recover their ill gotten gains.

Unfortunately at this point enough time had passed for a review of the store
security camera video tape and all the patrol officers had a real good
picture of the suspects.

So at 10 AM the Office Complex is filled with the hue and cry of a genuine
foot chase between cops and robbers, just like in the movies!

Shouts reverberated through the alley:”He’s over here!” “I got him!”

And soon enough I behold some guy face down on the brick with a breathless
cop slapping handcuffs on him.

In other news, Lottery Tickets are apparently difficult to steal.
The store assignment numbers are rigidly audited so any tickets
out of place can be traced.

But because lottery tickets were part of the totality of the exploit these
guys managed to convert a simple local robbery into a State Crime and especially
if some of the tickets were from the multi-state lottery, they could even
face a FEDERAL Jail Sentence! Yes!

In just a few short hours these rocket scientists managed to change their
life from footloose-and-fancy-free-to-Federal-Penitentiary.

Needless to say, I did not accomplish as much shrubbery abatement as I intended.

But it was definitely an exciting and action packed morning!


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