Scroll Saw Medallion Video

This video demonstrates one of the most basic scroll saw operations – a continuous curve cut.

To do this does not require a fancy upper end scroll saw or exotic material.

This is a simple asymmetric heart shaped medallion cut from vintage plywood salvaged from a 1950’s-1960’s era door panel.

The authentic stain patina came from the door.

These medallions will be inscribed with a calligraphic ink pen and attached to a ribbon to make a unique wall memento.


Youtube has certainly given me a healthy respect for Hollywood!

The very idea I can make videos with little more than a desktop computer and a VHSC (yes, VHSC!) camcorder got my engine revved up.

But boy, what lessons I have learned!

First, if I do all the production work- director, producer, photographer,editor, writer, actor,et. al. I can no longer just go out and do whatever job I had scheduled.

A good example is the simple three minute video I made up on a roof for the field cut fascia miter. (Link here)

It literally required twice as much preparation as the actual job!

The actor must not block the shot of the work, the director must take care to make sure the actor is still safe when he stands on the ladder, the photographer must make sure the camera is on, none of the standard grips or positions or tools can be as they would be if there were no camera present,all must be interrupted and stopped to see if the picture developed as it should have.

And there are no retakes once a significant portion of the job is complete.

Today’s video was more of the same. The task was to demonstrate a simple scroll saw cutout.

There are examples all over Youtube.

However, to keep the glare from the table top from ruining the shot required multiple experiments with camera and light, the patience of Job not to make even the smallest slip in the cut and then to go and wrestle with an edit program that seems to change every time I use it.

My hat’s off to all the guys on Youtube who have hard wired their shops with cameras to make dozens of videos.

It soitanly ain’t as simple as it looks! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!


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