Black Walnut Candle Holder


So there was this 60 foot Black Walnut tree soon to be claimed by highway construction down in the front field of a little place in farm country.

We knew at some point the construction contractor would cut the family yard tree but no one knew exactly when.

One day I get THE phone call: the tree has been cut down.

I hurried over to the farm and discovered the worst case scenario:

The tree was severely diseased and almost completely hollow in the main trunk but even so, by the time I arrived every part had been salvaged-trunk- limbs-branches-the works- presumably for firewood-if nothing else-with the exception of one, exactly one, 3 foot long, 5 inch diameter tree limb remnant, fairly twisted with knots.

Still, it was the last piece of the yard tree so I loaded it up and carried it back to the shop.

Two years later the tree limb had not really cracked badly, so I thought maybe I could get one or two ornamental pieces from what remained.

The good news: I was able to turn this candle holder on the lathe. The bad news: it does have about a 1/8th inch crack on the backside which I closed with a patch splint.

The design is very basic for fear of losing the entire piece, but overall it is a nostalgic reminder of a once proud and productive walnut tree.

We will find a very fancy carved candle to put into this memento of the past.


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