What kind of box holds a $35,000 tuba? (via Yamaha Bell & Barrel)

Just when I thought I had seen it all something new pops up.

Rodney Marsh and the crew at Marsh Woodwinds called me to fix a small leak the other day and while I was at his shop I encountered a problem I had never given any thought: What does it take to pack and ship a tuba? Especially a Sousaphone? Those puppies are HUGE and DELICATE and need to be HANDLED WITH CARE!

Since Rodney does not blog about his adventures I will substitute these surrogate explanation(s) for the edification of the curious because I was fascinated by the whole process and I trust you will be as well.

For detailed explanation with many pictures:


What kind of box holds a $35,000 tuba? A: a really nice and (hopefully) well packed box. Pictured above is a YCB-826S the Yamaha Los Angeles Atelier received a week or so ago in the shipping box.  Nothing especially interesting about a box, but the tuba that's inside is pretty special.  We can only make a couple of these per year, and nearly each and every part is made by hand with 'old-world' craftsmanship.  On one of my last trips to Japan I visited the factory where these horns are … Read More

via Yamaha Bell & Barrel


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