How to: Cut Wood Circle with Table Saw

Shop Tip: How to cut circles from plywood or stock lumber with a table saw.

This technique can be used to cut large diameter circles for use as tabletops, stools or templates for a variety of projects.

2 x 12 yellow pine, for example, makes an excellent stool top or column base with a diameter of up to 11 inches possible.

Establish the radius of the circle from the center of the pivot pin to the edge of the blade.

Cut away everything that does not look like a circle!

Once cut, the edges of the circle can be easily dressed with a variety of round over router bit profiles.

Any bench or table top saw can be used to do this: miter saw, radial arm saw, or even a classic contractor table saw.

The saw in the video is a vintage Delta Frame and Trim Saw.

Thanks for watching!

  1. Love this article and information .It will help me a lot


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