My O-Fishel Snowman Tribute!

Strange but true, in the days before the current Ice Age, Raleigh went for long periods of time -even years- without snow or any significant winter precipitation!

Sometime around 1991 several winters had passed with a near complete absence of such seasonal precipitation.

Our local TV weather forecaster, one Greg Fishel, publicly lamented the absence of such seasonal precipitation on the evening news broadcast!

Those of us down at the International Handyman Headquarters heard his lamentations and acted to relieve his suffering with our own warm weather field expedient improvised snowman and snowball fight made from plastic bags and wadded newspaper.

Anyone can build a snowman when it snows, but it takes an O-Fishel turn of mind to build a snowman without snow!!

We fear his pain may not have been completely diminished but we did our best!

Happy 30th Anniversary Greg!

It seems like only yesterday you first graced our local TV screens!


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