Wow! Craftsman Lifetime Tool Warranty!

Like most Wood Whisperers, I have an assortment of Sears Craftsman wrenches and hand tools in my toolbox and around the shop–some of which have been with me from Day One.

I cannot remember any wrenches that have ever quit on me….until the other day.

After 30 some years my trusty 3/8 ratchet wrench would not switch gears!

As it happened, I remembered the famous Craftsman Lifetime Warranty:

“If it breaks …ever…..Sears will repair or replace it free.”

Now for the first time in my life I wondered exactly what that promise meant.

Was it worth my time and energy to go to the local shopping mall and get pummeled about the head and shoulders by some sales clerk for a $10.00 wrench?

I braced for impact and decided to give it a shot!

Wow! The entire transaction took 3 and 1/2 minutes and that includes the time it took to walk to and from the parking lot to my truck!

No kidding!

They had an entire box of refurbished tools under the counter.

The sales clerk examined my wrench with the Craftsman Logo stamped deeply into the handle, confirmed the damage and found a nearly exact copy from the replacement box.

He ran the transaction through the cash register and I was on my way!

Just WOW!

One for the record books!

I was giddy for the rest of the afternoon! (Yeah, I am easily amused.)

  1. Rob Edwards said:

    That’s one of the best ratchets Sears has sold. It’s commonly called a “round-head, fine tooth” or RHFT ratchet and back when Sears had three categories, this was “Sear’s Best”. Good thing you got the same style back — it’s no longer made and the current pear-head ratchets are not nearly as good. If you ever have have to have it serviced again, don’t let them try to downgrade you!

    • It is definitely a good wrench. I just used it today with a 4 foot pipe cheater to loosen an O2 Sensor on the Mountaineer.

      Good to hear from you!

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