Vintage Screen Door Repair


In an era of central air conditioning and sealed window high rise buildings, the staff here at the International Headquarters was all aflutter when a genuine screen door repair appeared on the job shop task board.

Not just any screen door either, this is a vintage 7 foot tall screen door in service for at least 50 years. Could not tell you whether people were taller in the good ole days, but their doors sure were.

In fact, size may be what kept this door in service all these years since the cost of a custom jobshop aluminum storm door is pretty certainly astronomical no matter the era of the estimate.

In any case, the old moulding withstood removal and reattachment and the screen looked as taut and new as it probably did fifty odd years ago.

Check out the original full mortise box latch installed in the 1 1/2 inch thick stile. Your Grandfather was a precise, patient and meticulous man when he cut that slot into the door with hand powered drills and chisels back in the day. It appears to have the original trimplate screws on one side. (The other side, not so much!)

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