Clogged Toilet Time

Wad Of Super Absorbent Material

Sooo, a few weeks ago it seemed we were up to our earlobes in 19th Century Technology here at the International Handyman Headquarters. CLICK LINK HERE

Recently, (last week especially) all roads seemed to lead to Pottyology. (Again!)

In addition to P-Traps so fragile (frag-gill-lee) they can be crushed with light pressure from a fingertip,CLICK LINK HERE we had one of our semi-annual drain clearing riots over at one of our
favorite ancient office buildings.

For your edumafication a photograph of the result when bad things happen to good toilets.

The porcelain fixture must be detached from the floor and a long metal cable inserted into the pipe underneath to clear out whatever ails the clogged plumbing.

In the picture you see a wad of super absorbent synthetic material easily purchased at pharmacies and supermarkets everywhere –which somehow traveled into the company toilet.

Now some of you may think it impossible for one little tiny wad of this stuff to clog a four inch drain.

You would be correct.

The one you see is the one that did not get away. There were at least half a dozen of her little buddies packed so tightly into a four inch pipe that the cable actually bored through and punctured this one in the middle of the clog.

Once the tension was broken the rest of the gang just scampered off into the city sewer lines.

Folks, the only manufactured material that should go into a toilet is bathroom tissue.


Anything else will just gunk up the works.


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