How To: Prevent Dryer Lint Fires

When I made this video, I hoped something really gross and icky would be caught on tape. Sadly, that was not the case. This dryer was actually in pretty good shape.

Since I already had the footage it seemed a good idea to remind people to keep the lint around their laundry room under control.

Over the years I have been periodically called to remove the odd dead critter clogging a dryer duct – birds, squirrels, the occasional oversize rat- you get the idea.

In the process I became acquainted with dryer lint- a quick burning fuzz that will pretty much accumulate anywhere inside a duct or even within the metal walls of the dryer itself and is extremely combustible.

When wet, lint clumps up and clogs the duct to cause overheating of the dryer rod; when dry, said lint floats into every conceivable nook and cranny available and is subject to instant ignition of the flammable kind.

It does not hurt to periodically inspect and clean the area in and around your dryer to prevent unexpected calamities.

For entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home.

Remember, this video is a demonstration, not a tutorial. If you are unfamiliar with appliances or mechanical devices call a knowledgeable technician to assist you.


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