Field Cut Fascia Miter

Another video! There may be more than a few of these lurking about the shop.

Okay, I am not exactly Bob Villa, but I did manage to drag a camcorder up on the roof with me and not get killed.

That has got to count for something.

So, to proceed….in the ordinary course of routine repairs many times the best repair is to “first do no harm”.

When it comes to water damaged fascia boards repairs frequently require removal of just a few feet of damaged wood.

Unfortunately fascia is classically installed in the longest lengths possible–sometimes with 16 or 20 foot boards.

If the only wood damaged is 3 or 4 feet out from the corner it is preposterous to remove the seamless gutter section, detach the entire piece, recut and reattach it, and refasten the entire gutter.

But you do want your patch to have the same fit and finish as the original work.

So today’s question: How do you field cut a miter junction behind a gutter still attached to the eave?

My solution has always been to use the common, ordinary flush cut cabinet saw. Technically a finish saw exclusively for use in the shop, it can make a big difference in the appearance of the patch.

There is a little more set-up and execution time involved, but most of the time you will only need to make one cut in the course of the entire job and the appearance of that one cut can make a world of difference in the final outcome.

So here is today’s video–unscripted, no teleprompter, no editing beyond the on/off button.

UPDATE 02/26/2011:

Apparently the 21st Century has caught up with the venerable flush cutting cabinet makers handsaw.

This technique will work quite well with the Bosch Multi-X Tool!

Maybe I will make another video in the not too recent future to demonstrate!



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