Legacy Faucet- Ace The Place!

1968 Era Vintage Valve Stem

Ace (hardware store) really IS the place- as in legacy plumbing parts! For those situations where mere replacement of the rubber washer just does not do the job to stop the drip, drip, drip, some people (me) ride to the thrill of the chase, others say why bother?

So what are the odds replacement valve stems for a bathtub faucet installed circa 1968 are still available at the local hardware store?

Well ….. seems the odds are really pretty good!

Two local Ace Hardware outlets each had exactly one (correct) valve stem still on the shelf!

The plastic on one package was visibly yellow with age but inside the brass parts were still shiny and new, and even included a replacement valve seat!

So why bother? All other things equal, with two replacement valve stems and seats this bathtub shower valve is good for another 45 years of service!

Well worth the effort when compared to the cost and aggravation a modern replacement valve would
have been.


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