Raleigh Downtown Sign Wars

Take that you whippersnapper!

Take that you whippersnapper!

To walk or not to walk?

To walk or not to walk?

Downtown Raleigh has certainly changed in the last decade or so.

We now have the occasional Bentley (Picture Link) or Elise (Picture Link) or Google Photo Car (Picture Link) visit.

Cars without any license plates whatsoever are relatively common.

The Occupy Crowd has literally set up camp at the gates of the city.

As they go about their daily business pedestrians are much more likely to be clobbered by the not so infrequent bicyclist, skateboarder, rollerblader, Segway, lone elderly jogger, flock of teenage joggers (really 10-12 at a time!) or even motorized rough terrain wheelchair (all of whom somehow take a very possessive attitude toward the common thoroughfare) than they ever were in the recent past.

But sign wars? That really is a new one on me.

WRAL did a story the other night. (Video Link)

Sorry about the blurry picture, some modern technology still baffles me.

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