How-to Tip: Homemade Paintbrush Spinner

To see the homemade roller cleaner CLICK THIS LINK

Painters know the most important trick to paint work around a job is to always have a clean paint brush available, even after a lunch break or when work stops to reset ladders and drop-cloths.

Perpetually clean paint brushes come from a 2 step process.

Step 1– whenever the paint brush is not in use let it dangle from a rack in a 5 gallon bucket partially filled with solvent or clean water. (Important! Do not let the bristles touch the bottom of the bucket!)

If the bucket has a lid you can even transport the soaking brushes around the site without worry they will splatter sidewalks and trim with gunk.

Then, step 2, take the brush from the bucket and spin dry it.

Commercial painters buy special tools for this task, but for household chores you can make a simple spinner with parts from a hardware store that fits into any hand cranked “eggbeater” drill or power drill you might have handy.

To see commercial spinner CLICK LINK HERE

No need to spend $25.00 for a item you will rarely use when the components to do the same job are already in your toolbox.

I made my first homemade spinner many years ago from galvanized pipe parts.

Today with PVC pipe pieces you can make a spinner even better, faster and cheaper!

Take a look!

  1. Handyman said:

    This is great! I wish I had seen that earlier! Thank you for sharing your ideas

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