How To: DIY Dropcloth Dust Curtain Poles

A tricky new use for cheap caulk guns: Cinch clamps for dust curtain poles!

The dropcloth dust curtain is used to partition work areas off from the rest of the living
space in a home or office with the creation of temporary walls made from plastic sheets
held in place with tension poles.

Sadly most jobs need more than a few poles (say at least four- one for each corner). turns out the cost for four commercial poles can be incredibly expensive.


For light duty work there is an inexpensive alternative made from nothing more complicated than
a 1×3 furring strip and a cheap caulk gun. Caulk guns can be found at Big Lots and K-Mart ( you remember K-Mart?) for as little as 1 or 2 dollars and furring strips are about 3 dollars for an 8 foot length which is perfect for the average 8 foot ceiling.


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