The Invisible Service Call

People ask: “Why don’t you post more stuff to your blog?”

Simple answer: “Most of the jobs I do on a daily basis are neither photogenic
nor the stuff of Shakespearean Soliloquies.” (Knew ye not of mine many mighty
Shakespearean labours? Why fie upon thee!)

Truth be told the daily bread and butter of a handyman consists of necessary mundane
maintenance and repair tasks known as THE SERVICE CALL

For example, a short list of routine maintenance household chores:

patch damaged sheetrock(Click Link)

patch and paint damaged sheetrock office wall(Click Link)

reset door hinge (as needed)(Click Link)

replace handle on modern wheelbarrow (Click Link)

replace handles on vintage old timey wheelbarrow(Click Link)

install roadside real estate signs (as needed)(Click Link)

… assemble half dozen (+/-) mail order knockdown pieces of IKEA type furniture

… prepare field sketch(es) of interior store dimensions (as needed)

… reset house window screens and order necessary replacements

repair kitchen drawers (as needed) (Click Link)

… install new faucets in granite counter and repipe drain traps (as needed)

replace kitchen faucet (as needed)(Click Link)

reset mailbox posts (as needed) #1(Click Link)

reset mailbox posts (as needed) #2(Click Link)

reset mailbox posts (as needed) #3(Click Link)

… mount solar powered yard light

… remove defunct surface mount PVC conduit from brick wall

… hang Holiday Wreath (as needed)

prepare computer images for a deck design consultation(Click Link)

… replace fill valves on several toilets (as needed)

… clear shrubbery around outdoor Air Conditioning units (as needed)

… replace bifold door pivot pins (as needed)

Replace Bifold Door Pivot Pins

… install sliding closet doors (as needed)

pressure wash moss and lichen off brick Handicapped ramps (as needed)(Click Link)

… recaulk bathtub and install shower curtain shields fore and aft

change office air conditioning filters (as needed) #1(Click Link)

change office air conditioning filters (as needed) #2(Click Link)

… change office fluorescent light bulbs (as needed)

… clean out muck in toilet tanks and replace springenwerk (as needed)

… clean clogged gutter (as needed)

clear clogged sink drain (as needed)(Click Link)

… replace water damaged drop-in ceiling tiles

… reset doors to fit the jamb (as needed)

special order odd size replacement window (okay I may photograph that installation)(Click Link)

… assemble and install a plywood stair top pet barricade

… and spend more than a few hours in Administrative “keyboard work”
(formerly known as “paperwork”)

So expect no pictures, no glamorous closeups, as this list is just an
example of routine everyday fixit stuff that fills my calendar.

As much as I enjoy fueling the insatiable appetite of the Internet
with new wonders and curiosities, I must tend to the needs of
my clients as well.

Please be patient with me. Blog posts come as often as possible.
I have one gear and I am in it now…..


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