Super Fort Treehouse- It’s STILL THERE!

Travel now down the trail to yesteryear when kids were kids and parents built
fantasy forts for them to use.

At the height of the Lowe’s inspired Treeless Treehouse Frenzy (explained LINK HERE)
a client called and said he wanted something a little more elaborate than
the prepackaged economy kit style Treehouse design.

So he gave me some sketches and we built one of the most elaborate Playhouses
I have ever been asked to assemble—especially for the time (1988).

The roof peak was nearly 16 feet high, fence panels were used to give the lower
story an authentic frontier fort appearance and there were hinged gun ports
for the inevitable frontier skirmishes in the busy day of a child’s adventures
in the backyard. There was a gangway style ladder up to the second story where
diligent sentries could scan the horizon for trouble. It took a week to complete
this project (Treeless Treehouse kits were usually complete in 2, maybe 3 days)
and easily cost the equivalent of a month’s middle class salary in labor and materials.

A few days ago, in the 21st Century year of 2012 I found myself in a neighborhood
that looked vaguely familiar. On a hunch, I turned into a cul-de-sac and THERE WAS
THE SUPER FORT! Yes, for 24 years this little playhouse has been used by the family
of homeowners old and new! It even sports a coat of deck paint in rustic brown!

It seems like only yesterday I was in that yard nailing that durn thing together….

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