How To: Dust Lamp Shade With Air Compressor

House cleaning with real man tools!!!!

I love it when I help solve problems I did not know existed!

Shortly after I acquired one of them fancy portable pancake air compressors for my nailguns and air tools I discovered air compressors have MANY, MANY “off label” uses!

One of the more popular “off label” uses has been to dust lampshades!

Yes, apparently many people are frustrated with their inability to remove built up dust from the lampshades around their house without great trouble and difficulty.

Vacuum cleaners just barely do the job properly and only with many minutes of effort.

While the video camera cannot do justice to the clouds of dust blown out of a typical two layer fabric lampshade, I did manage to capture some representative footage to give a good idea of just how quickly an air compressor can remove pesky built up dust from around your house!

Look closely and you will see substantial puffs of dust come off this shade!



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