How to: Rotted Window Sill Repair

A fairly common problem: how to fix a partially rotted or damaged window sill without disturbing the interior woodwork or sash assembly?

As it happens the solution is not that complicated even with window sills built circa 1940!

Modern replacement plates will work, though in this case I did make a custom nose with the original as my pattern.

The repaired sill plate is indistinguishable from the other window sills on the house!

Footnote: this is a demonstration, not a tutorial. If you need a detailed description please consult an experienced local woodworker.

Update: For those of you unfamiliar with replacement plates and nosing here are links to two examples of vinyl replacement moulding available at the big box lumber yards. (Copy and paste into toolbar)
In the video I used wood because the seams are nearly invisible when caulked and painted.

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  1. Good video,
    I have been using a product for years to repair rotted wood. Being a handyman I try look for options to give my customers. It is a simple water putty that drys rock hard. Instead of replacing wood trim, door mouldings, or door frames or whatever the case maybe, I cut out the damaged portion and rebuild it with the water putty. Kinda like using bondo on a car.

    • handyguy said:

      Actually, the two part epoxy patch similar to Bondo works better in my part of the country than the old fashioned Rock Hard Putty. Rock Hard Putty works well for small repairs and nail heads, but the larger patches need something substantial like Stanley epoxy wood repair…. many thanks for the visit….

  2. Thanks to share such a nice and interesting video. I found it quite useful for my campaign.

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