Rotted Bathroom Floor




By popular demand another trip in the Wayback Machine….

From my voluminous archives, pictures of a completely destroyed bathroom floor.

In this bathroom from the good old days witness how water seeped under the toilet
over many years and patiently consumed the various floor layers- subfloor, finish
underlayment and even tile adhesive to the point where only the pipe flange
prevented a sudden catastrophic collapse into the crawlspace below.

At the shower head, the same situation prevailed. Water leaked from pipe joints
down the bathtub edge and slowly dissolved a semi-circular section of floor until
it was unsafe to step into the bathtub!

When I stripped away all the old tile the extent of the damage was clearly visible.
No problem. Replacement subfloor and new underlayment made a sound surface
for a nice hard surface tile floor.

Modern installation techniques have changed, but the problem of rotted bathroom
floors require constant vigilance in any age!

Do not wait until your floors are as badly rotted as this floor from yesteryear!


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