Repair Call Surprises

Hidden Termite Trails behind 50 year old door casing

Hidden Termite Trails behind 50 year old door casing

To paraphrase the famous philosopher Forest Gump, “Repair work is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get.”

People ask me what is required to fix this or install that or finish the other thing.

My short answer is usually “I do not know”.

And the reason for uncertainty is the surprise that lurks just behind a board or
covered by siding or underneath a threshold –usually in the form of critter
damage or sometimes just ordinary dry rot or water damage.

Each repair is unique unto itself.

Twice have I waxed eloquent about Carpenter Bees.


Today’s picture reveals a slightly different problem — Termites!

A routine storm door installation became something of a major discovery in terms of
possible (expensive) pest control and abatement.

For first time in maybe fifty years, someone (me) pulled the trim casing off this
door frame and what to my wondering eyes appeared but a significant number of
termite tunnels.

Naturally the desired outcome for a “simple job” this is NOT.

Unfortunately howsomeever, such aggravations WILL frequently occur with houses old or new.

Such is the way of all repairs.


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