Outlaw Deck Screw Revolution



As a powerful influential member of the construction industry
I receive my share of swag from various vendors hawking their
latest gizmo or gewgaw.

So no real surprise to get a phone call from FedEx Ground
to announce the imminent arrival of an unexpected package.

Howsomeever, the amount of arm wrestling required to retrieve
the 7 1/4 x 7 3/4 x 4 1/4 box from the delivery man was a bit of
a shock. After a lengthy interrogation I had to show the guy my
Driver’s License!

With some excitement I carried the mystery package
over to the work bench and commenced to pull out 4 cubic feet of
fan-folded confetti paper packing. Hard to believe that much paper
fit into such a tiny little box!

The confetti carefully protected 2 blocks of wood -one with a
branded logo; several screws of different lengths,
multiple pieces of literature, window stickers and a metal key fob with
a faceted plastic tube.

Wow! I had my own sample assortment of Outlaw Fasteners innovative
bugle head screw!

The instruction glued to the bottom of the box directed me to
enjoy the “best screw of my life” when I joined the
two blocks of wood together with their revolutionary 18 point
UniGrip deck screw.

Unfortunately, in the absence of a proprietary driver bit this proved
difficult. A small but critical oversight. As Murphy’s Law #62 (Seabee
Edition) observes: “Necessary parts to be used together WILL NOT be shipped

The unique driver bit might have been lost in the confetti, but
the presence of the key fob suggested the bit should have been
firmly packed in the plastic tube. I pawed through the paper EXCELSIOR
just to be sure. No luck.

I thought to chuck a screw up in the drill press but that was a
major nuisance so I abandoned the effort.

By all measures this screw should be a major 21st Century
innovation, but for now I must wait for the first package to
appear on store shelves before I can report on the design.

Just another adventure here at the International Handyman HQ!

If you would like to support the Outlaw Deck Screw Revolution
drop by Kickstarter and throw in your 2 cents. CLICK LINK HERE


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