How To: DIY Wobble / Balance Board


The importance of oversize plywood circles in the modern world
cannot be overstated. Consider Wobble Boards. Yeah, I never heard of
them either. But they are an important part of physical therapy and
athletic conditioning. Witness the instructions right from a physical
therapy clinic. Quote: “Make a wobble board by cutting a circle
of plywood two feet across.” (Yes. Really. That is what the instruction
sheet says to do. Good luck post operative home person!)

After some research into Balance Board design I put together this quick
video How-To guide for those of you who might also need a Wobble Board….

For more information about balance boards a Wikipedia Article:

And two physical therapy videos:

Did you know puppies use Wobble Boards? Neither did I.

Dedicated readers may recall previous oversize plywood circle projects.

The Worlds’s Largest Cat Scratch Post:

Video of the World’s Largest Cat Scratch Post in action:

Cutting circles with the venerable Delta Sawbuck Table saw..

Cutting an 18 inch circle with a simple scrap wood Router Guide


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