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UrbanTree Bobcat

Bobcat Safely Pushes Tree Over

UrbanTree Logs

Logs Cut and loaded for transport


The Vermeer 1800, when you absolutely, positively must grind tree limbs into sawdust!


The final touch: grinding the stump into mulch.

Eco Friendly Urban Timber Logging, the future is now!

No horseplay,no tomfoolery, the Ashland Tree guys were all business when they logged
relic trees with near military precision on a small urban lot in North Raleigh.

They arrived with trucks and wood chippers, trailers with bobcat, stump grinder,
and individual issue chainsaws, rakes, ropes, shovels and chains.

At one point, work was underway on all four sides of the house!
An amazing level of choreography for a small squad of men.

Why they could have been Seabees!

Historically small squads of Seabees used heavy machinery (bulldozers) and a basic tool
kit to clear land of unwieldy sky scraper trees in a controlled precise fashion.

In the 21st Century the bulldozer has been replaced by the civilian all purpose
Bobcat, a versatile tool which combines brute force with exquisite
precision in the dangerous job of urban timber logging.

In just a few short hours trees were down, cut to length, loaded, stumps ground
and branches shredded into mulch.

Emmett Beard observed this level of co-ordination is possible because of experienced
employees who have worked together for many years.

In any case, the whole business was finished well before sunset. Your mileage may vary.





Cartridge Fuse Boxes are creepy to work around even with really heavy duty
rubber gloves to protect living tissue (my hands!!) from damage of the electrical kind.

It takes a hearty, robust, all purpose tool to work with the unwieldy cartridge fuse
around high voltage, not some flimsy $12.00 pair of plastic pliers sold at tool supply
stores everywhere.

Fortunately, such a tool is easily made from scrap PVC 1×2.

Cut a hole the diameter of the fuse, cut a slot on the table saw, run a screw and
wing nut through the two halves to clamp the tool tight around the fuse body and
boom! you can safely remove and replace one of those big 100 watt cartridges with
no fuss, no muss, no bother!



Some jackalope thought he was clever to cover outdoor stairwell footlight lenses with
Graffiti stickers so evening and late night pedestrians were unable to see the brick
steps as they walked from their car to their office.

The cost and effort required to remove the stickers without damaging the fixture makes
the price of infrared security camera equipment seem downright reasonable.

So the smart guy who pulled this stunt will not be nailed with misdemeanor vandalism,
but felony reckless endangerment to the traveling public and disregard for public safety.

Maybe he can plea bargain down to one or two charges and be released after a couple of
years hard time soaked with toxic cleaning chemicals on a chain gang graffiti removal crew.