How-to DIY Cartridge Fuse Tool



Cartridge Fuse Boxes are creepy to work around even with really heavy duty
rubber gloves to protect living tissue (my hands!!) from damage of the electrical kind.

It takes a hearty, robust, all purpose tool to work with the unwieldy cartridge fuse
around high voltage, not some flimsy $12.00 pair of plastic pliers sold at tool supply
stores everywhere.

Fortunately, such a tool is easily made from scrap PVC 1×2.

Cut a hole the diameter of the fuse, cut a slot on the table saw, run a screw and
wing nut through the two halves to clamp the tool tight around the fuse body and
boom! you can safely remove and replace one of those big 100 watt cartridges with
no fuss, no muss, no bother!


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