Kudos To Wayne At Garner Lowe’s



An overdue shout out to Wayne at Lowe’s #0488! Wayne greatly expedited my
search for a basic replacement faucet last month. Almost without looking he
went to the display board-of-many-parts-and grabbed the exact supply valve
brass cap I needed. Normally this task alone could be a ten minute search
through row after row of obscure gaskets, connectors, elbows and couplings.
But he knew EXACTLY where the correct package could be found.

But the real help came when he explained the $20.00 difference between identical
packages with Faucet #A and Faucet #B. Turns out the latest, greatest generic
faucets come from the factory with supply tubes already installed. So,
paradoxically the more expensive faucet was by far the best value since
accessory supply tubes would not need to be purchased or assembled!

This kind of fine detailed assistance can only come from a guy who REALLY knows
his plumbing inventory. It made my day! Thanks Wayne!

Reminds me of the great experience I had with the Sears Craftsman Tool Warranty.


Or the Ace Hardware Vintage Replacement Valve Stem



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