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Something I do not see very often- a commercial metal door jamb 1 full inch out of square!

The strange part?

This door jamb has been misaligned from the date of original installation
some 30 years ago and has worked more or less satisfactorily since the air seal
was not important to overall function.

Recently, however, with age, the door sagged just enough to mill a scrape
mark on the aluminum threshold and bind so to open and close the active door
without effort was a problem.

My assignment was to adjust the door back to original operational specifications
WITHOUT resetting the entire jamb.

Easily accomplished with a few shims.

Now the door works as just as it did when first installed with the lock bolt and
latch properly aligned and the threshold unmolested by door sag.

But the jamb is STILL 1 inch out of square!

I can economically fix what is broken, but not always repair everything that is wrong!



A classic staple of shed construction for over two centuries, the tin roof remains a popular
choice for sheds and out buildings in the 21st Century!

2×4 rafters crossed with spaced 4 quarter deck boards (recycled or repurposed
as the yoots say today) this roof is strong enough to support the weight of a full grown adult.

Economical and durable for any number of uses- firewood storage, utility sheds and out
buildings around the back forty.

Try it, you will like it! Get yours today! More roof stuff CLICK LINK HERE and CLICK LINK HERE