DIY $5 Dollar Roller Stand



Orphan Stools! They are everywhere!

Once proud members of a two or four piece collection they wait alone in their
dotage by the side of the road for a garbage truck to carry them to a
ignominious burial in the landfill.

Battered as they may be, most of these stools need little or no repair to
continue a useful life as a sturdy piece of furniture in a shop or other
rough and tumble environment.

Or… they can even be converted to new life as a base for an inexpensive
roller stand.

Commercial roller stands can easily cost up to 300 hundred dollars.
For most home shops this is a huge expense.

So, a reasonable alternative is to take some scrap PVC pipe, a yard sale
rolling pin ($1.00 in my neck of the woods), some elbows and a tee connector
and make a simple adjustable stand.

The stool is still available for every day use with the roller accessory
attached when needed.

So do your part! Rescue a roadside orphan stool today!


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