Monthly Archives: August 2015

Cute project.

With just some minor adjustments this entry stoop is converted
from yesteryear’s well worn relic into a clean, modern front portal.

The “before” photo- loose brick, loose handrail, and an uncomfortably
high step (12 inches) under a layer of moss and grunge.

Stoop RepairA

Work in progress photo. Pressure washed reset bricks with a platform step to
ensure a smooth transition from sidewalk to stoop.


The final touch. Tie the stoop and platform together with a uniform surface of
tough, durable modern outdoor carpet.

What a difference a day makes!


This is a somewhat common upgrade.
Especially with vintage carport entry doors.

In many carports the most frequently used house door is equipped
with a perfunctory set of basic concrete steps upon which the
resident must stand and confront a reverse handed storm door
often while burdened with groceries, packages or squirming children.

Why this design flaw from GrandDad’s day has persisted through
the years is definitely a paradox, a mystery, and even an enigma!

Through the years I built entire decks over these unlikely arrangements.