Spring Spruce Up 2017

Okay, summer is officially here!

Now is a good time to look back at all the Springtime Spruce up 2017 repairs
completed between thundershowers and routine maintenance chores here
in beautiful downtown Raleigh.

You can even compare and contrast Spring Spruce Up 2017 with Spring Spruce Up 2016! (CLICK HERE)

Spring came early in 2017 with flowers in January!

And to keep up the tradition of deck work on hot days,the ONLY and HOTTEST Day
in March (80+ degrees)was reserved for floor board refurbishment:

Previous hot weather deck refurbishment in June not March! (CLICK HERE) and (CLICK HERE)

And yes, this year more window work!

(For other views of Window Work CLICK HERE OR CLICK HERE)


This spring included a road trip to Chatham County to swap out an old slab stave
core door with a new slab stave core door. $5.00 round trip on the 540 toll road.
A long day but definitely an exciting adventure!


Sometimes steps are not the proper 7/11 inch rise and run. A simple fix is to change the height
with the proper size tread.

Another step/front stoop height adjustment (CLICK HERE)

And not to forget the ever popular undersink Sponge Tray installation with special offset

Or the ever popular sliding cabinet drawer retrofit:

Of course, Great Grandma was right. Carpets should be beaten clean every spring regardless of
whether they are dirty or not. Good habits and all that.

So here at the International Handyman Headquarters we just dragged that office carpet outside,
drenched the entire surface with soapy carpet cleaner, cranked up the pressure washer and went
to town!

Great Grandma would be so proud!

So there you have the story, the whole story and nothing but the story!

Just a small sample of the mischief and merriment from Spring 2017!

Now I brace for the heat and humidity of the Dog Days Of August! Call me a with work order!
We can laugh together in the steamy Southern Sunshine!


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