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Latest, Greatest Window Sill Repair 2017 Before Picture (Click for Magnified View)

Latest, Greatest Window Sill Repair 2017 After Picture (Click for Magnified View)

For some reason Raleigh is ground zero for window sill repair.

From my wayback classic video:
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To the summer of 2013

To the office building in 2016

To the summer of 2017

New video:


Here at the International Handyman Headquarters we like to keep track of our
local critter population. Especially when deer appear unbidden and unannounced
at all hours of the night and day.

To see an early example consider this insouciant family group of three Cervidae quietly
browsing early one morning not more than a hundred yards from heavy road construction


Recently, in the last few weeks, there have been other appearances in downtown urban
Raleigh, such as this daylight romp down the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood.

Or two nocturnal visits to sample the clover found in a carefully groomed North Hills
neighborhood lawn.