Travel now down the trail to yesteryear when kids were kids and parents built
fantasy forts for them to use.

At the height of the Lowe’s inspired Treeless Treehouse Frenzy (explained LINK HERE)
a client called and said he wanted something a little more elaborate than
the prepackaged economy kit style Treehouse design.

So he gave me some sketches and we built one of the most elaborate Playhouses
I have ever been asked to assemble—especially for the time (1988).

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Basic Metal Swing Set

Basic Metal Swing Set

In the beginning the world was filled with basic metal swing sets. (Okay, in the beginning of the beginning the backyard playground was a tire suspended by a rope from a tree limb! A little before my time!)


And, of course, in 1937 the backyard playset was built from scratch with lumber from the sawmill and threaded pipe from the hardware store.

Anyway, the metal playground swing was a true kit with factory finished steel tubes and predrilled holes and hardware to assemble it all.

Then came the wood swing set with plastic accessory kits which included instructions for the assembly of the swing set from stock lumber to which the plastic accessories could be attached.


Early in the 1980’s Lowes Lumberyard came up with a unique marketing idea called the Treeless Treehouse. Crude by today’s standards this was a backyard playhouse designed to be built by Dad over the weekend.

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