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WELCOME! to the AUTHORIZED TJ Kattermann pro bono Handyman Blog in Raleigh, NC!
(Accept no substitutes or imitations!)

Of course, all those letters would not fit in the title block so the formal
designator is: Kattermann’s Handyman Blog.

Such is life.


Any questions or comments call me at (919) 834-4833.

Latest Jobshop Project- Legacy Door Repair CLICK HERE

Of course, my most popular post and video,
mortise a door hinge CLICK HERE



Since 1977 it has been an honor to serve the Raleigh Area and surround with a wide variety of one man repairs and improvements from the simple to complex.
(For some projects I have traveled as far as Stanly and Richmond counties and
at least one of my carpenter built shelf units was last seen installed in an apartment in France!)


Just an ordinary Fixit guy and all round problem solver at large.

From miniature kitchenettes; (CLICK LINK)

to cabinets; (CLICK LINK)
to cabinets(2); (CLICK LINK)
to cabinets (3); (CLICK LINK)

to shelves; (CLICK LINK)
to shelves (2); (CLICK LINK)
to shelves (3); (CLICK LINK)

to window sill repair; (CLICK LINK)
to window sill repair (2); (CLICK LINK)

to good old timey window glazing; (CLICK LINK)
to good old timey window glazing(2); (CLICK LINK)
to good old timey window glazing(3); (CLICK LINK)

to replacement windows; (CLICK LINK)
to replacement windows(2); (CLICK LINK)

to door jamb repair; (CLICK LINK)
to door jamb repair(2); (CLICK LINK)

to wheel barrow repair; (CLICK LINK)
to wheel barrow repair (2); (CLICK LINK)

to wobble boards; (CLICK LINK)
or foot stools; (CLICK LINK)

to buckled roof repairs;(CLICK LINK)
or eave,soffit and fascia repairs;(CLICK LINK)

to children’s play sets;(CLICK LINK)

to BIG sheds;(CLICK LINK)

to a helpful DIY tip to clean your paintbrushes;(CLICK LINK)
or a helpful DIY tip to clean your paint roller;(CLICK LINK)
or even a quick DIY tip to make easy clear plastic storage containers for parts, buttons or safety pins! ;(CLICK LINK)

and any number of other chores and minor repairs;(CLICK LINK)

you should find some variation of your project in one of over 250 posts and videos on this blog.

Click on any link in the column to your right or use the search box at the top of the page.

There is something for everybody!

The videos have a current collective view count of over 1,271,215 visits!

Learn to do it yourself, or call me to help you or even have me do it for you!

I would be happy to come take a look!

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  1. Ross McCormick said:

    Hello TJ,

    I really am hooked on the video you posted on the wood borer Beatles. So much so I’m looking to get hold of some as pets. Can you give any further information on

    – the type of Beatle you filmed which borers such a large hole.
    – where they can be purchased. (I’m UK based)

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Many thanks for your visit and your kind comment, Mr. McCormick.

      The beetles in the video are all free range wild beetles considered to be
      nuisance insects here in the colonies and not (usually?) sold for any purpose.

      I claim no credentials to properly identify either the genus or species.

      Sometime in the near future I look forward to a video from you with details
      on the proper care of pet beetles.

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