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These composite deck boards float freely without any fasteners in two channels made from 3/4 inch treated strips.
The strips for the channel are fastened to the top and bottom rails. This was the original installation nearly ten years ago. The only change over time has been for the treated wood to acquire a weathered patina. Still solid with very little maintenance.


So to install a tipout sponge tray is not a difficult job with a new kitchen cabinet.

Plenty of space to swing tools around and attach screws without counter tops and sinks
in place to block access to screws and hardware.

Howsomeever, retrofit a tipout sponge tray in an existing cabinet and there is a
completely different job with completely different access and space requirements.

In spite of all the modern new ratchet gizmos and power drill attachments only one tool
still really works in that cramped crowded workspace- the good ole fashioned handheld
offset screwdriver.

Yes, I bought a set back in the good ole days and every so often, they still come in handy!

A thing of beauty and a joy for ever, get yours today! You never know when you will need one!

Walmart still sells them! CLICK LINK