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A visit to a glazing job from yesteryear……

Aging gracefully after three years…. here is a closeup view of a small window glazing job from 2009.

All the putty was removed from all the window panes in three oversize front facade windows and re-puttied and primed and painted.

Protected by vintage vinyl storm windows these windows remain remarkably clean and free from dirt, mold and insect detritus after three years of hot summers, wet winters and dusty autumn winds.

While the cutlines are all crisp, notice there is, in fact, a continuous paint seal attached to the glass to protect the putty and keep the oil from premature drying and aging.

All things equal, this glazing job should last another 10 to 20 years, especially if properly painted on a regular maintenance cycle.


The simple triangle, made from plywood, lumber or even plastic, is an incredibly versatile and handy item to have available for many offbeat uses from dividers to brackets to wheel bases for cabinets and rolling equipment. I made this guide to run off a bunch of cabinet wheel brackets and have since used it whenever I needed a quick brace or guide.