How-To DIY Multitool Dust Shroud




HIS job, he sniffed, would require some tea-and-toast with-
the-crust-cut-off DUST COLLECTOR to work within the
pristine environsof a bathroom repair, such accessories as are not
currently available for oscillating multitools.

Well, I said, this obviously requires a manly man’s field expedient improvised dust
shroud made with commonly available materials such as 2 liter soda bottles and
miscellaneous plumbing parts.

Well, he replied, When are you going to make one?

So here ya go AZ DIY Guy!

A soda bottle, an Oatey vent pipe rain collar, a really nifty flat tube elbow cut
from a dishwasher fill pipe complete with threaded gasket seal (yes, my junk
box is loaded with obscure items from far flung corners of the industrial world)
and voila! (or viola! as we say on the jobsite) a working by guess and by golly
dust catcher prototype for the versatile oscillating mutitool!
(Shop Vacuum sold separately)

Seabees, CAN DO! Buhahahahahaha! I love it when a plan comes together!

Don’t applaud, just throw money!




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