Shop Bench

Photo Courtesy Elvia Marsh

Photo Courtesy Elvia Marsh


Boy this took me back to my Seabee days. 

Rodney Marsh is a master musician, fluent in at least half a dozen musical instruments.

As such he works free form within a basic structure of  notes and tempos. So it was no surprise when he called me to help build his new shop on Person St he did it piece by piece, note by note, if you will, until he was satisfied with the result.

We started with a stack of plywood and a pile of lumber and commenced to cutting and sawing and nailing for two or three weeks before we came to finish.

And the outcome is as unified and organic as any of the jazz he plays.

 Which is how the Seabees did it back in the day- a box of tools, a stack of lumber and build whatever needs to get built.

Thanks for the memories Rodney.