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Here is something hardly seen anymore- a politician
driving a Good-Ole-Boy pick up truck. Back in the good ole days
almost everyone- politician or not- drove a truck of some
kind from the Governor on down. Of course, back in the day,
separate vanity license plates for politicians did not exist,
all drivers took whatever the Department of Motor Vehicles
issued whether they needed it or not.


Today another new addition to growing archive of wildly improbable vehicles
which intermittently travel through downtown Raleigh: The Tesla Model S.

This is rumored to be the “it” car of the 21st Century. Completely electric.
High performance. 250 mile range before recharge. Sticker price under 6

Slightly above my pay grade, but well within the luxury car bracket.

Apparently from a dealership here in Raleigh. Who knew Raleigh had a

I eagerly await the pickup truck service vehicle variant.



Attentive readers may remember previously central downtown Raleigh was graced with
a horse drawn Surrey with the fringe-on-top: CLICK LINK

A Home Built Street Jalopy: CLICK LINK

A Genuine Go Fast Lotus Elise:

A prestige luxury Bentley: CLICK LINK

And, of course, the wildly improbable GOOGLE Street Photography car: CLICK LINK


The importance of oversize plywood circles in the modern world
cannot be overstated. Consider Wobble Boards. Yeah, I never heard of
them either. But they are an important part of physical therapy and
athletic conditioning. Witness the instructions right from a physical
therapy clinic. Quote: “Make a wobble board by cutting a circle
of plywood two feet across.” (Yes. Really. That is what the instruction
sheet says to do. Good luck post operative home person!)

After some research into Balance Board design I put together this quick
video How-To guide for those of you who might also need a Wobble Board….

For more information about balance boards a Wikipedia Article:

And two physical therapy videos:

Did you know puppies use Wobble Boards? Neither did I.

Dedicated readers may recall previous oversize plywood circle projects.

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