Picket Fence

These composite deck boards float freely without any fasteners in two channels made from 3/4 inch treated strips.
The strips for the channel are fastened to the top and bottom rails. This was the original installation nearly ten years ago. The only change over time has been for the treated wood to acquire a weathered patina. Still solid with very little maintenance.

A Classic Stick Built Picket Fence

A Classic Stick Built Picket Fence


Another project from the Wayback Machine- a classic picket fence.

The homeowner was determined to have a stick built picket fence around his cottage bungalow in Historic Oakwood.

He enlisted me to assist as technical help.

I cut each diamond point picket, laid out the posts and he assembled the panels and installed all the individual sections.

A sturdy design for a fraction of the cost! 

Not available in stores!!!

Still aging gracefully some twenty years later!