What to do with all the scraps of 2×4, 1×4, and moulding accumulated over the year?
Recycle it all and stay warm during Snowmegaddon!

And while I was warm and cozy I did my part to share the Durham Academy Video! Who woulda thunk?


Faux Flue Fireplace,Mantel and Hearth

Faux Flue Fireplace,Mantel and Hearth

One of the original design ventless catalytic standalone fireplaces was just a forlorn black box squirreled away in a corner all by its lonesome when it first arrived in it’s new home.

The homeowner decided the thing to do was case it in a floor-to-ceiling faux flue and attach a mantel and hearth to the front.

Voila! Instant Traditional Colonial comfort and elegance in the formerly ordinary living room!